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Upcoming Fundraiser!

20180222 - Fundraising concert Dave Paddon Richard Neville

An evening with Dave Paddon and Richard Neville always proves to be a good time, so come on out! You’re missing out if you don’t!



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by | February 6, 2018 · 9:58 am

Culture Days is Almost Here!


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by | September 26, 2016 · 2:45 pm

My First Tour Experience In The Rain & Meeting Lawrence Millman

My First Tour in the Rain

Today, July 27th, 2016, was the first day that since I’ve started conducting the summer tour program, that the weather Gods have gone against myself and the tour guests.

Every time that it’s been called for poor weather during a tour, it has always managed to turn around. For example; this past Tuesday Aimee and I did a tour with some Pre-med students and a resident from the hospital! They were great guests to have but we were anxiously watching the forecast all day. It would call for thunder and lightning one minute, a complete down-poor the next, scattered showers the next, sunshine the next which had us on our toes all day! After scarfing down some chicken fries from Burger King (which were absolutely delicious) we headed out on our tour and the weather Gods were with us! We were blessed with sunshine and a nice gust of wind. However, today it called for rain and that’s exactly what we got. Author Lawrence Millman, Morgan Mills and his summer student were our guests today! The weather was looking promising for the entire day with just some simple over cast and 17 degrees but the very second that we stepped outside it started to drizzle- “Manageable!” we thought. As we headed towards the nursing station it started to rain a little harder, and as we walked down the path along the Churchill River we had a complete down poor. Mr. Millman was clearly the most wise of the group as he had brought an umbrella with him. The rest of us might’ve gotten soaked but we did so while I spewed information about Happy Valley and as we learned a lot about Mushrooms from Mr. Millman!


Aimee (R) and Author Lawrence Millman (L) shortly after the office tour.

After the tour was over and we start approaching the parking lot of Them Days- the rain had finally ceased- perfect timing…When we got inside and dried off a little bit, Aimee gave a building tour to Mr. Millman and the other summer student that had joined us. He had found a lot of interest in our Library and what he was able to lay his hands on from the archive!

It was a fun experience but I think I’d definitely choose the sun over rain any day!

Until next time!


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Things to do in Happy Valley-Goose Bay During The Summer

Whether you’re a first time visitor, returning or local- here’s a list of things to do in Happy Valley-Goose Bay during the summer!

  1. Take a walking tour of the heart of Happy-Valley with Tour Guide Bradley and one of the other Them Days staff members! On Thursdays they meet up with an elder from their community and you get to hear a lot of fun stories about the developments and history of Happy Valley. The tour is about 3km long and takes about 2 hours for the regular story walk and 2.5 hours for the elder experience. It’s a great way to spend an educational afternoon outdoors and being active!
  2. After the walking tour or maybe even during the walking tour if time is plenty, take a drop into Slippers N’ Things for all things Labrador! From things to custom engravings and t-shirts to seal skin boots and dream catchers- Slippers N’ Things and their extremely friendly staff have you covered.
    3. Once you’re good and hungry after your walking tour and little shopping spree you can head on over to El Greco’s where the pizza is fresh and garlic bread sticks are hot! (They serve other Greek dishes and very yummy poutine as well.) It’s an extremely popular place to satisfy the tummy with the locals!
    4. When your stomach is stuffed and eyes are tired after the busy tour you had- you can continue to support local business by booking a room at the Big Land Bed and Breakfast or the Royal Inn for a leisurely sleep.
    5. The next morning when you say “Man! That walking tour was absolutely fabulous and so interesting…but my legs are a little sore”- you can head on down to North West River beach and have a relaxing day in the hot sand warm breeze. You can even pay a visit to the Interpretation Center to continue learning more about Labrador, the traditions, trapping and its people.
    6. After a busy two days of a great walking tour, good food and a day at the beach- you might be hungry again! For any seafood lovers, Mariner’s Galley is the place to be! Every Friday night they have a full seafood buffet and a delicious menu. When you are nice and full (again), a walk around the bunkers would be a great idea! When leaving Mariners Galley you turn left, walk through the 5-Wing Goose Bay gates, and the road to our bunkers will be your first street on the left thought a set of 2 soccer fields!
    7. After exploring the bunkers, you’re probably really curious as to what they were used for, when they were used and what they stored! Well, if you’d like to pay another visit to Them Days, they would be able to tell you all about it and maybe even set you up with an issue or two with all of the information you would be looking for!

    Links and Contact for all of these wonderful activities and locations are found below

Them Days Walking Tours
Website & Tour Ticket Information –
Tel. – (709)896-8531
E-Mail –

El Greco’s
Tel. – (709)896-3473
Address – 133 Hamilton River Road

Slippers N’ Things
Tel. – (709)896-5660
Address – 55 Grenfell St.

Big Land Bed and Breakfast
Tel. – (709)896-2082
Address – 34 Palliser Cres.
Website –

Royal Inn & Suites
Tel. – (709)896-2456
Address – 3 Royal St.
Website –

Interpretation Center North West River
Tel. – (709)497-8566
Address- Portage Road, North West River NL

Mariners Galley
Tel. – (709)896-9301
Address – 25 Loring Drive
Website –

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Happy Aboriginal Day!!

Happy Aboriginal Day, everyone! (‘Journee Nationale des Autochtones’ in French). On June 21st 2016 (aka Today), National Aboriginal Day is celebrating 20 years of bright traditions and culture. It is used to recognize and celebrate the Inuit, First Nations and Metis people of Canada, their culture and what they have done for our past, present and future.

Every year on June 21st in Canada, Aboriginal Day is celebrated. Here, the festivities take place at the Leon Cooper Memorial national-aboriginal-dayPark (Which is a stop on our walking tours!!). At the park, they accommodate all ages- they have a lot of fun games, traditional music, crafts, foods (a lot of people’s favorite part) and other performances like drum dancing.

I remember as a child I would love going to the Aboriginal Day Fair. I always found it so different from the Canada Day celebrations at Kinsmen Park or the Big Land Fair at the college. It was more intimate because of its smaller size and always interested me because I got to see different performances and try all kinds of food that I’ve never got to taste before.

The weather is absolutely beautiful today- so they really got lucky this year. If you’re reading this in time and are in the area, try to get down there! And if you’re too late, I highly recommend that you take a visit next June. We’re pretty busy here at the office so if we don’t get a chance to take a look at the fair, I’ll definitely be listening closely to hear the music in the distance.

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Viral @ThemDays!

Yesterday we made a post on Facebook wishing the lovely Doris Saunders a Happy Heavenly Birthday. Attached was a photo of Doris and Alice Adams square dancing along with a man playing a fiddle and the infamous “mystery hand”.

J19722We have a little joke around the office of the “viral post”. The Facebook post itself (as of current) has reached 6,494 people, has 129 likes/love reactions, 22 comments and 21 shares. Needless to say, we’re astonished with the success of this post. Every time I give Aimee an update on the post her jaw hits the floor!

Yesterday, the “mystery hand” is something that had us J197all laughing. Among the 22 comments, one person commented about a random hand in the corner with “I wonder who owns that hand?” so we took to the database, found a photo of the same event and sure enough, found the owner of the hand! However, no one has been able to identify her quite yet.

With the raging success of our post, Facebook is still encouraging us to “boost” the post for “just $5!!” (Not like we need it anyway!)

Thanks everyone! You’ll be hearing from me next Tuesday and all week on our social medias!

Facebook: Them Days
Twitter: @ThemDays
Instagram: @ThemDaysInc

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Happy Birthday Anna!

The Them Days team celebrates Anna’s 19th Birthday! After a productive morning of transcribing, archiving, photocopying and meetings, we celebrated. After lunch Bradley brought by some candles and I brought by some Subway cookies! Of course, Anna never saw it coming. Because clearly our very mature whispers and giggles were no indicator. There was no way for her to see through the door we closed her out of.

So of course, no idea.

Anyways cookies.


All very excited. Our break was very enjoyable. We talked, and sat and enjoyed each other’s company. Something like they did back in Them Days.

If a bit more colorful.

happy birthday Anna! You get to bring the rest of the cookies home!



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