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I’m Baaaack!

Hello everyone,

Aimee here. I’m back from a two-week vacation, and now it’s just me here in the office. Earlier this summer, we had such a full office, and now there’s just me. It’s so quiet! So rather than just talk to myself, I’ll tell you all about what’s been going on at Them Days.

So, if you’ve been following our twitter feed on the side of the page, you’ll know that Kelly is gone, and we are in the hiring process for another Administrator. Kelly was the first to leave out of everyone in the office this summer. Bye Kelly! We’ll miss you!

Kelly, of course, got her sugar cookies before she left. We’ve given so many to our Katimavik volunteers and to summer students…and now it was Kelly’s turn!

Bye Kelly. 😦

(And after taking this photo, I decided that every new photo of me is going to be taken in the presence of a fan so my hair can blow around like a model’s too!)

Then, on the day that I was leaving for my vacation, Heather had her final day. Unfortunately, NorthMart was all out of sugar cookies, but they did have some sort of cookie sandwich made from two cookies and a LOT of icing in between. Surely that counts as a sugar cookie! Oh, I was so sad to see Heather go. She started before the other girls, and it was just me and her in the office at the beginning. Then at the end of her time with us, it was just the two of us again because Kayla and Breanna were on vacation.

Bye Heather. 😦

Then, while I was gone, Jess left. No photos from that, but we did have a very sweet phone conversation. I’m going to miss talking with her over the phone and magically getting her faxes and e-mails…work would appear out of nowhere, even if I couldn’t see it getting done! Amazing! Jess did a great job, and I’ve got to thank Toni and the rest of the crew up at Torngâsok Cultural Centre in Nain for all their help with the project. I still haven’t met her in person yet!! Hopefully soon though, since she is now attending college here in the Valley. So maybe I’ll have a “Hello!” photo soon. 🙂

And then it was Kayla’s turn! 😦 Oh Kayla, I was so sad to see you go too. You’ve been a real joy to have in the office and you did even the most boring tasks with a smile! Because I was in St. John’s, I couldn’t see her off in person…but I was sneaky and arranged for sugar cookies to be brought in for her last day! And I got to see it on webcam too, because I had a webcam brought into the office and I had one on my personal home laptop too. Unfortunately, the laptop brought in by our volunteer turned their image upside down, but still, I got to see Kayla eat her cookie! And I had one too!

Bye Kayla. 😦

And then, last but not least, it was Breanna’s turn. I’m going to miss her too, and her wry sense of humour and drive to get the job done. Breanna was willing to take on some different tasks, like the book reviews you’ve seen on the blog. Again, I was gone for her last day (this time, I was in Moncton) but I was sneaky again and we had cookies via webcam. My sister joined in too.

Bye Breanna. 😦

I was so sad to see the girls go, I didn’t even read their blog entries until now. I couldn’t bring myself to read their goodbyes until I got back to the office. I guess I’m just a big sap that way! Now that I’ve read them, I’m so proud of them all over again. Anyway, enough with the sad stuff, on to happier things…like…uh, what I did on vacation – besides saying goodbye to the girls, that is! 🙂

First, I went to St. John’s for a Backstreet Boys concert, and to spend time with some friends. Just hours after arriving in St. John’s (by the way, it was really hot and beautiful here in Goose Bay, and then I got to St. John’s and it was FREEZING and I didn’t even have a jacket with me!), I met Howie from the Backstreet Boys with my best friend Stephenie! (She’s from Goose Bay too, but she lives out there now.)


Then we did some stuff for her wedding and saw some beautiful bed and breakfasts and scenery around St. John’s.

My friend and I went to Portugal Cove while doing some wedding planning for her wedding next summer. Isn't it beautiful?

Funnily enough, I ended up seeing more Labrador people in St. John’s than people from St. John’s! A cousin of mine from Makkovik was in town for her summer job with Women In Science and Engineering, and I got to see the final presentation for all the WISE students in Newfoundland and Labrador. This year was the first year they had a project in Labrador, and I was so proud of all the Labrador girls there (even if I just met them for the first time while out there!)!

Welcome to the Women In Science and Engineering Final Presentation!

Then I went out to New Brunswick to visit my immediate family, so I got to spend time with them too, which was great! Always good to see family. My little sister is getting so big…today marks the day when she is exactly the same age I was when she was born. I can’t believe it.

Me, shaking the hand of a giant blueberry in Nova Scotia.

There’s much more to say about things that happened before I left on vacation (we were so busy with getting the magazine, Christmas cards and calendar out to the printer, there was no time to blog about it before now), but I’m going to leave those posts for later this week. For one, there’s not enough time left in the day to do that right now. Two, I’d rather spread it out a bit, since there’s so much to see. Come back to the blog again for some pictures of Battle Harbour and Mulligan!


P.S. I was going to say something else, but I forget…don’t you hate that feeling??!!


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Farewell, Them Days!


I’ve been pretty busy these last couple of days, looking over transcripts, writting my report and cleaning out my office because today, I am sad to report will be my last with Them Days 😦 . It is a bit early, but I have to get back to Hopedale with my family and pack for college! Seriously, where did the time go!?

I have really enjoyed my time in Nain and working with Them Days, hearing stories from elders and talking to them.  I’m going to miss it so much! It has been an unforgettable experience. I cannot wait for the issues to come out!

I’ll choose to keep this short and sweet, so good bye everybody and enjoy what’s left of your summer. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you all in Goose Bay this fall. (I’ve also attatched some pictures I found from a few weeks ago of Nain)

Jess 🙂

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Hey Again 🙂 ,

So, I have completed my first interviews and it went wonderfully! My first one was so easy, I barely had to say anything- she was terrific, and she greatly appreciated what Them Days is all about, she was so thankful that she could get her story out. The second is one that Aimee hooked me up with, another great person who I could tell, had many exciting stories, but kept modest, which was okay, she did tell me one hilarious story, and she knew a bit about my family. The next one was with a couple, can you say cute?- They still seemed so in love and he still liked making her laugh, and they were so passionate about where they came from. It was a bit difficult though, it was the first time I really needed an interpreter ( who is awesome!), but they had amazing stories, I enjoyed them all so much.

The weather is beautiful, so nice and sunny- which I have mentioned in my title, and translated it in to Inuttitut 🙂

There has been some really tough times here in Nain this last month, so many tragedies.  My condolences to every family that has been struck by these unfortunate events. Nain truely is a very strong community.


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Hey everyone!

I’m Jess Flowers, the new Summer student in Nain! (I realize its kind of late to be doing my first blog, since I started about 5 days ago! My apologies 🙂 )  So far, I’ve been having a really good time at this job,which I’m sure I still will by the end of the summer .

  Today, Toni showed me around the building and introduced me to everyone, which was nice. Also, becuase I couldn’t do an

interview today, I have gone around in my truck and taken mostly scenery pictures in Nain 🙂  I also got detoured by a huge .. automobile and took me forever to turn around on a road, so I guess I’ll be walking next time ,haha. Next week I have 4 interviews which I’m a little ticklish for, but still very “pumped” 🙂

So, enjoy the pictures if I get them on, and I’ll be blogging again!


Jess Flowers

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One MORE summer student!

So…remember awhile ago when I was looking for a summer student up in Nain? Well, we found one! Her name is Jessica, and she’s totally ‘pumped’ (that’s one of Heather’s words) to start interviewing people up there. We are totally excited to be working with her from afar, and I can tell already that she’s going to be good! She’ll introduce herself on the blog probably tomorrow, and then she’ll be updating all our readers on what’s going on in Nain. 🙂 Welcome to the Them Days team, Jessica! We may be far, but remember, we’re only a phone call or an e-mail away!

Today we had an interview here in the office – Heather conducted her very first interview! It went very well – I’m so proud of my students this year!

Anyway, I must run…time to go!


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