Welcome Back, Pei!

Last week, Pei started working at Them Days again. He recently graduated from his Master of Folklore program at Memorial, which coincided nicely with our receiving a grant from Library and Archives Canada’s Documentary Heritage Communities Program. We’re starting Phase II of the Labrador Identification and Dissemination Initiative, more commonly known as #IDThemDays, and Pei is going to be the Project Researcher for a whole year! You can imagine how excited I am. Since I started at Them Days almost 10 years ago (!!!), one of my goals has been to get the Miscellaneous section of our negative collection straightened out. Terra got the project off to a great start in 2016, but we only had enough money to keep her on for a few months. Now Pei will be building on what she’s accomplished. So expect some posts with archival photos soon! (And if you’re nearby, some tea-and-photo events too!)

20180205 - Pei at work

Pei did a great job helping out with the Grub issue just before I went on maternity leave, and I know he’ll do a great job in this new position too! Welcome back, Pei!



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Friday Retailer: Dorothy’s Crafts and Sewing


Hello, dear readers! I hope your Friday is going along nicely and that you are all geared up for an exciting weekend. Today we’ll take a look at another retailer where Them Days is available.
Dorothy’s Crafts and Sewing  is owned and operated by Dorothy Clark. While Dorothy is originally from Glewnood, Newfoundland, she has lived in Goose Bay for many years and purchased the craft shop seven years ago. The previous owner, a woman named Phyllis, taught Dorothy how to make jackets and boots, along with many other crafts. While it’s not as busy as it was in years gone by with a smaller town population, many people still frequent Dorothy’s for their craft needs. If you’re looking for sewing to be done, that can be handled as well, whether it’s a small job or a custom made parka that you’re looking for. Many members of parliament have stopped in over the years to buy crafts from this central location.dorothy sign.JPG

Dulcy McNeill has worked alongside Dorothy for many years, and has run the shop for months at a time. A former Hudson’s bay employee whose family originally comes from the north coast of Labrador, Dulcy started off working at a craft shop in North West River over fifteen years ago. Dulcy initially wondered how she’d gotten on selected to come on board, as she wasn’t a trained craftsperson. However, over the years, she has learned to make mitts, slippers and dream catchers to name a few of her crafts. Much of her work has been self taught.


Some of the mitts available at Dorothy’s Crafts and Sewing

Of course, you can find Them Days at Dorothy’s, but there are also many books available about Labrador at Dorothy’s. You can also find carvings, jewelry, sweaters, small statues of huskies, albums of local musical artists, as well as beautiful coasters, all with the theme of Labrador.

So, while you’re out doing your Saturday shopping at the dollar store in the TNR building or getting your hair done at the Hair Studio, pop into Dorothy’s to get a nice gift for someone. “I’ve never thought of moving” says Dorothy, on account of how close she is to local hotels which house visitors to Goose Bay. Valentine’s Day isn’t far away, so it’s not too early to start shopping! Dorothy’s is located at 367 Hamilton River Road in Goose Bay and is open 10am-9pm daily.


A sweater with the theme of the Labrador flag


Just some of the carvings available at Dorothy’s

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Meeting Our Retailers: Slippers n Things

Hi readers! We’re wrapping up after a busy week at Them Days. We’ve got a great new plan for 2018. Every second Friday, we will post a profile of a retailer where you can purchase copies of Them Days. The first retailer we will look at is right here in Goose Bay, about a five minute walk from our office, Slippers n Things.

Entrance to building.

This is the store entrance located on 55 Grenfell.

Slippers n Things is a craft shop owned and operated by members of the Voisey family in Goose Bay. Since they opened their doors in 2006, they’ve had people from all over the world come through their doors to purchase their excellent products. You don’t just have to shop; many people enjoy having a cup of tea and a “touton” while browsing. A touton is a popular snack in Newfoundland and Labrador, also known as a stove cake. They’re fried dough and taste best with butter or red berry jam.

There’s lots of different things you can get at Slippers n Things, such as slippers(as the title might suggest), sealskin boots and bags, Labradorite jewellery, pottery, books about Labrador, ornaments…the list goes on and on. Of course, they carry issues of Them Days there and we are grateful to be included along so many other fine things from Labrador.

Tash Voisey-Canning has worked at the shop since its inception, and has had many fond memories of seeing people come through their doors. Many musical artists who performed in Goose Bay have stopped into the shop to browse and shop; this includes Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, and Jann Arden! Jann Arden might be a great fit for the shop; not only is she a true Canadian star but she is also a  great supporter of the northern seal hunt.

Fur hats on a rack.

Some of the fur hats available.

However, according to Tash, the biggest star in her opinion to cross through the doors of Slippers n Things was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Mr. Trudeau came to Goose Bay in 2013 before he was elected to lead the nation.

It’s not just famous Canadians who are welcome at Slippers n Things, though: Anyone can pop into the shop from 10am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday. Their address is 55 Grenfell Street. Thank you, Slippers n Things, for preserving Labrador heritage and showing the world all the excellent crafts we can make right here in Labrador! Be sure to pop by for a touton and to get a copy of Them Days, or visit their website.



Sealskin boots on a shelf.

These are just some of the sealskin footwear available.

Colourful hats with the Labrador flag

Just one example of the Labrador themed products.


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Tom Takes Off…Sort of

Hello, readers!

My temporary stint of working at Them Days has come to an end. I’ve been home in Goose Bay for almost a month; which is the longest time I’ve been home in about six years!!! It’s been a fun jaunt and while I wish I could stay longer and keep writing, it’s time for me to go back to the ocean.

While I’ve been here, I’ve conducted interviews with many notable Labradorians as well as transcribing and arranging interviews for other people around town. It’s been a blast, so look to the next issues of Them Days to see my writing pop up! I’ve also left the legacy of using lots and lots of tiger balm and drinking lots of tea.

I’ve also had a great time interviewing some of the different retailers that carry Them Days, so be sure to keep checking the blog in the coming weeks as I profile different places around town where you can purchase Them Days! Hopefully it’ll give you a better idea of the different places around Goose Bay where you can purchase our magazine, and give you ideas of places to send your friends shopping!

Yesterday a meeting was planned to take place over the lunch hour, when we are not open to the public. As the people required for this meeting filed in, we realized a terrible truth: the door to the reading room had run off! It became apparent we’d need to track it down so we could give people a chance to get some peace and quiet while reading some of our material, and so that we have a room where people can have privacy while having a meeting.

After a quick investigation, it turned out that the room was in the shed in the back of the building. So today, myself, Aimee and Tabea put on our winter boots, grabbed shovels and set out to the back yard to get the door from the shed. What a journey it was! Although it only took about ten-fifteen steps each way, the snow kept sinking beneath us as we made our way to the shed. We’d take a few steps on top of the show, and feel as though maybe we’d learned the art of walking on the snow drift without it sinking beneath us–and just like clockwork, we would sink back down again. It’s possible that I compared us to the ladies famous from the midwifery Canadian heritage moment.

However, thanks to our team work, the reading room now has a door again! It’s currently defrosting in the lobby.

Our December issue is at the printers, and should be out soon! We’re sorry about the delay but it is a fantastic issue and we’re sure you will enjoy the stories that we love to bring to you.

I must depart for the ocean now-it’s been a slice, Labrador as per usual, and I can’t wait to come back again soon!

Until next time,


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Tom Takes On!

Hello Readers! My name is Tom and I am the new editorial assistant at Them Days!

Who am I, might you ask? I’ll give you some background information! I come from Goose Bay, Labrador, like lots of people who’ve worked at Them Days in recent years. Growing up, there were lots of copies of Them Days in my house and I even wrote a short contribution for a 2009 issue as a teenager.

Since leaving home in 2010, I have been fortunate enough to travel the world. I’ve lived in West Africa and in England. I completed a Bachelor’s degree in 2015, studying Drama and Indigenous Studies. When the opportunity arose to write for Them Days and help Aimee get back into full on editor mode, how could I say no?

We’ve been working very hard here at Them Days to take on 2018 as best as we can. This means everything from editing the upcoming issue to preparing interviews for the next issue after that, to shoveling out the fire escape!

The weather is always something we have to work around as residents of Northern Canada. On Thursday night, a “snowbomb” descended on Atlantic Canada and while we were spared most of the damage that affected other parts of Atlantic Canada, we did have to close the office for Friday.

We’re gearing up for our next interview, and if you are a person over the age of 60 who would be interested in speaking with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Don’t forget, you can also catch us all over social media. We have a twitter account, an Instagram account and a facebook page! Stay tuned for more blog posts this week!

Tom, the editorial assistant.


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Job Ad!

We’re looking for someone to be an Archive Technician/Administrator!

Apply if you’re interested!

20180102 - archive tech admin

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FLASH SALE at ThemDays.com

Nunatsiavut Cover.jpg

Believe me when I say this NEVER HAPPENS. Our Treasurer has approved a FLASH SALE on our website. Special issues (like the Nunatsiavut issue, above) are up to 50% off!!!!! PLUS you can use a 10% off coupon (code: INVENTORY) for everything else!!!!

Move quickly, because it’s only on until Tuesday at 8:30 am Labrador Time (Atlantic time) when we get back to work after the long weekend!!!


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