Fundraiser coming up!

June 5, 20`18 _ 7pm _ $10lawrence o'Brien arts Centre(3)

We have an exciting concert and fundraiser coming up!

It’s a good old-fashioned variety show (but with fresh new content).

If you’re looking for a night of dance and song, come on out! Also, if you are looking for some rare issues of Them Days, this is your chance to complete your collection. We will have some for sale!



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Introducing two very awesome summer students!


I’d like you to introduce you to my very awesome summer students, Aaron and Abby. They are getting so much work done here at the office and are really great people to work with. If you’re a frequent blog follower, you may remember Abby from two summers ago (not, as I keep saying, “last summer,” forgetting that I was on maternity leave last year).

They’ll have some blog posts up about things going on around the office soon. 🙂


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IDThemDays review (April 16-May 4)

Hello! Another three weeks gone!

For the rest of April, we have 9 photos posted. 3 were fully identified, 1 partly identified and 1 uncertain.

Again, let us know if you can identify or have more information on some of the photos !

This one is unidentified.

For this photo, we guess it might be from somewhere outside Labrador because of the building in it.

Someone mentioned this photo could be Port Hope Simpson. If you know more about it, let us know!

This one is unidentified, Help #IDThemDays if you know who they are!

This one is fully identified.

This one we guess might be from outside Labrador, Nunavut or Nunavik.

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IDThemDays week in Review(March 26-April 13)

Hello! It has been three weeks since my last post!

Because of the Easter long weekend, we had 7 photos posted instead of 9, and 4 were identified. We also had one colorful photo posted from our slides photo collection!

Let us know if you can help IDThemDays to find more information on the photos!

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#IDThemDays Week in Review (March 19-23)


We also have three photos posted last week, and two of them were fully identified. Thanks! There were not a lot comments on the second one, so if you have any information on it, let us know!

I am still working on the identified photos from our Pie with Pei event and hope I can get them done this week. Oh, last week Patty Way stopped by and helped us identify a photo collection donated by herself! It only took about 10 minutes for all the 10 photos with all the information we need! Thank you Patty!

How easy it would be for this photo identification project if we could find the donors or owners of those photos in our miscellaneous section and ask them for help!

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IDThemDays Week in Review (March12-16)

Hello everyone! Another week!

All the three photos posed in our social media last week were identified!  Thanks! And I am finishing my work on those photos identified in our “Pie with Pei” event! Yes, it took a bit of time to get them organized!

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IDThemDays Week in Review (Feb.26- March 9)

Sorry I missed the weekly review last week!

I have been working on those identified photos from our Pie with Pei event on March 2, which was quite successful! All the photos from 14 collections I prepared for this event had been looked through. For a few collections, we even got the information for every photo inside.Through this event, 55 photos were partly or fully identified! Thanks for everyone who came to help #IDThemDays project!


Pie with Pei Event

We also had a lot of responses to our social media photos. 5 of 6 photos posted were identified. We accidentally posted two photos from Cartwright which I thought would be very hard to be identified, but they were both identified very quickly!!! Thanks!


This photo below is not identified yet. Let us know if you have information on it!

This one below had been posted two years ago. Sorry for that, but we got new information on it!

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