Event at the Labrador Interpretation Centre

Some exciting news! There will be some music and recitations at the Labrador Interpretation Centre, performed by Richard Neville and Dave Paddon. The event will be held tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at 7 pm and all are welcome to join. It will be a night of great entertainment. There will be an admission fee of $2.50, and the proceeds from the CD sales will be donated to Them Days! So we appreciate that very much.

So if anyone would like to hear some live tunes and hear some good poems with friends, come on down to the Labrador Interpretation Centre on 2 Portage road, North West River! If you would like some more information, call the LIC at (709) 497 – 8566. Thank you, and have a good day.

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Saying Goodbye

Today is my last day at Them Days.

I hardly know what to say, which for a blog is great. It feels like I was just getting used to Them Days, and now, my time’s up. I’m going to miss seeing everyone everyday, and especially getting to write this blog. The blog started out as the thing I was most nervous about. After a while it became the part of the job I liked the most. The chance to write on a weekly basis, and getting feedback on it was fun for me.

 When I took on this job, I learned a lot of new and unexpected things. I learned a little about birth, cannibalism, parachuting dogs, electrical wiring, snotty computers, as well as a fair bit of Labradorian history.

My last day I was treated to lunch and a cookie by my co workers at Them days. We had a great time. I’m gonna miss it.

My final days at Them Days.

Good bye.

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My Very First Interview Trip!

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Last week on Wednesday, I decided to head home to Norman Bay to interview my grandfather. Myself, along with my cousins arrived in Port Hope Simpson Wednesday evening and drove to Charlottetown to catch our Ferry to head to Norman Bay Thursday. On the way down to Port Hope, myself and my cousin, Gus.. ended up breaking the back window in his van. We didn’t take no notice to it until we pulled over to stretch our legs lol. It was a dusty ride for the most part. On the way down on the Ferry, I got to see Jumpers (Whales), and HUGE icebergs. & of course, I didn’t have my camera out at the time. Friday night, when my pop got back from down the shore, I went up and interviewed him.. of course with his consent. I asked mostly of his childhood growing up. He was shy at first, pretty much like everybody. And, myself not knowing the recording stopped 5 minutes into the interview and I didn’t take much notice and kept going. So, I only have 5 minutes of questions and answers on the recording. The good thing about it, is that I’ve been told many stories about my grandfather growing up. & I’d love to add more of what I’ve been told. It may have only been less then a week home, but I loved it! 

There’s no place like home :) 


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Timbits Across Canada

Hitch Hiking across a foreign country is definitely a popular bucket list item, what about your own home country? Canadian journalist John Stackhouse after returning home to Canada after nine years overseas celebrates his homecoming with a cross country hitch hiking trip to assess his country for himself.

Throughout the book John gives and is given advice on hitch hiking safety. Never enter a car with shaded windows, never get in a car with a single person with shaded windows, never get in a car with someone who is high, driving a car with shaded windows and his girlfriend. The last one was more of a personal experience rather than a written rule.

I was surprised to hear what people had to say, opinions about politics, their communities, on the human condition itself(Sometimes through uncomfortably loud diatribes). As well as a varied from every kind of person you could imagine. The younger generation, the wiser generation, those who were once foreign to Canada, as well as those with thick family roots, even a con man. The author has a clear and organized way of expressing his trip and his own reservations. A controlled style for a book of a thousand points of view. 

Four Labradorian Flags out of five. :)





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Fun Video from Weird Al

Weird Al has just come out with a new video…no, it’s not about Labrador, but it’s about spelling and grammar, and I’m an editor, so it’s related. We just had a good laugh watching this in the office. It’s called “Word Crimes”…enjoy!

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New Service at Them Days: Walking Tours!

You may have already heard this in our latest issue, number 38.2, but Them Days is planning to start a walking tour program this summer as we try to raise some funds for our magazine and archives. Whether you are a tourist seeking new experiences in foreign areas, or a nearby resident who would like to learn some history about the valley, you are bound to have a good time. These tours will include stops with elders who are knowledegable about life in the early valley, and are excited to share their personal experiences! We will meet with them as we take you walking around the lower valley area, starting from our office here at Them Days, and then walking on the path alongside the beautiful Churchill river as we make our way to Birch Island. The tour will conclude where we started at Them Days, and the stops with our elders will vary from tour to tour.

Kerra and Aimee viewing the Churchill River from Birch Island

Kerra and Aimee viewing the Churchill River from Birch Island

The tours will have special focus on some topics such as life on Birch Island before its residents were relocated, the nursing clinic in Happy Valley, and more general topics such as how life was in Happy Valley-Goose Bay many years ago. We plan to begin these tours very soon, and will run until the end of August. There will be special rates for couples, families, and children as well. It is a project that we at Them Days are excited to carry out and share with you. We hope you are, too! Thanks for reading, it’s always a pleasure!


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Technical Difficulties of Them Days

Ever try experiencing life from a mouse’s perspective?

Them Days doesn't have mice. But if we did they'd have it made. :)

Them Days doesn’t have mice.  But if anyone knows a team of mice electrician willing to work for cheese let us know.

The computers at Them Days have always had a shared rock star attitude with it’s Them Days staff. One laptop can’t play any sound other than “pings” of disapproval, another plays live videos roughly five seconds slower than another so we here stereo if we play them at the same time, a couple of our computers went on strike for a few months.

The latest of the band member’s tantrums, is in regards to the Wifi they found in their dressing rooms. (*Cue the groans*)

It’s not that we don’t appreciate our rock stars, it’s just they don’t appreciate us. Them Days has spent roughly a week trying to fix the cables for Ethernet, brought in a professional, there is a ceiling tile that will never be straight again, and we are still down a laptop.

We at Them Days are of course taking this in stride…

I dare you to look away...

I dare you to look away…

Even if we are in over our heads.

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