Culture Days Poster 3


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by | September 20, 2014 · 3:52 pm

Culture Days Poster 2


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This is one of the highlights of the year for Them Days–our annual Culture Days event! (This is our FIFTH time doing Culture Days…can you imagine?!)

This year, I got a little carried away with making posters. So there are TEN in all. They all look pretty much the same, except that I use different pictures. My idea was to find some sad/frustrated/glum/angry-looking people in the archive and use their picture. (You’ll see what I mean below.)

I expected it to be easy…I mean, archives are full of old pictures of people looking dour, right? Well, it turns out we Labradorians are a happier-looking bunch than I thought. (Especially the Mud Lakers! They’re always smiling and looking mischievious!)

But, when I did find some pictures…well, I couldn’t pick JUST ONE!

So for the next ten days, you’ll be treated to ten posters on this blog. ENJOY!! hhahaha



Also, a reminder that our FUNDRAISER is on October 18, and it promises to be a good one!


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Happy Anniversary, Daphne!

As of yesterday, Daphne has now been at Them Days for TWO WHOLE YEARS! Time has really flown by and I consider myself very lucky to have such an awesome co-worker! It’s been an honour to work with you, Daphne! Thanks for all you do.

Daphne doesn't always dress like this.

Daphne doesn’t always dress like this.

As a little aside, you’ll notice that Daphne is wearing an old-fashioned frock in that picture. Well, that’s because it was taken at last year’s Culture Days event! And THAT time of year is rapidly coming upon us–next Saturday, September 27!!!

More details to come!


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Our Newest Retailer

While I was in St. John’s back in June, I managed to get a new retailer for Them Days! That new retailer is Afterwords on Duckworth Street. Be sure to tell your friends!

If you haven’t been to the store, it’s a pretty awesome place with super-knowledgeable staff. It’s chock-full of used books, and they’ve got a nice collection of new books from Newfoundland and Labrador. You can find all sorts of treasures there. When I was there last time, I found a bunch of old school yearbooks! (BTW, if anybody is looking to get rid of old Labrador yearbooks, Them Days would gladly take them!)

Later this summer, Wallace and I were looking through the paper and check out what we saw–can you spot the Them Days? How exciting to see it for sale alongside a book that’s selling so quickly! (Hopefully some of those book-buyers picked up our magazine too!)

It’s been a long time since we’ve had Them Days in downtown St. John’s, a situation I’m glad we’ve been able to rectify! Thank you for carrying Them Days, Afterwords!


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My Last Day at Them Days (Again)

Well, it’s time for me to head back to school once again. I’m here to write about my last day working for Them Days, for a second time! I’ve enjoyed working here over the past two summers. I’ve had great co-workers and rewarding work, which is probably why I came back! Like most people, the time has really flown by and it feels like I’ve just started. These three months didn’t feel like three months, that’s for sure.

Today was a nice day. Alicia, Aimee, Daphne and me headed out for a last-day meal. Alicia, our project worker, is nearly done working here. Tessa is too. This means the office will be nearly empty in a few days. Lots of changes for everyone here at Them Days!

Well there’s not much more to say, I hope you enjoyed the blog, which is not going back to school thankfully! There’ll be lots more to read since you still have Aimee. Thanks for reading!

Last picture!

Last picture!




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A Blog Reader Stops By!

It’s always exciting to get visitors at the Them Days office, and even more so when it’s someone from away that we know but have never met! Yesterday, Doug Bostwick of Florida stopped by our office. He’s a loyal blog reader and former Goose Bay resident, so it was really neat to meet him!

Wallace and I with Doug

Wallace and I with Doug

Doug was familiar with us and what we do, so it was a lot of fun to show him around the building and have him see in person all the things he reads about on our blog.

Thanks for stopping by, Doug! It was a real pleasure to meet you.


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